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Then & Now - A lockdown drama in three parts


‘When two old friends Claire and Sean reconnect during lockdown it quickly becomes clear there’s something looming in their past.’


Kacey Ainsworth - Claire

Liam Tobin - Sean


It’s no exaggeration that ‘Then & Now’ saved us during lockdown, when all work stopped and the country shut down it stopped us losing our minds and gave us some proper creative focus. It was also a lot of fun, all shot remotely over zoom and fully improvised, it was a really exciting and unique way of working which involved close collaboration and experimentation with both actors as we worked on the characters and story together.

At the beginning of the process we didn’t really know what it would become, we had an idea for two characters and not much else, but over the space of a few weeks the three part mini-series took shape.


Once complete the series was picked up by DiscoverFilms and eventually became available to watch on My5.

Then & Now Poster
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