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Jake the Magnificent // The Roundhouse

Kim Newman - ‘I laughed out loud, A nicely wicked little sketch’


‘Jake the Magnificent is a short comedy centering around Jake who has 5 days to perfect the disappearing trick before performing it at his birthday party. Will he become the magician he dreams of or will it end in disaster?’


Matthew Boys - Jake

Michael Armstrong - The Magician


Jake the Magnificent was commissioned by The Roundhouse as part of their online film fund and went on to be a big festival hit, with audiences really responding to the shock ending…

The film was so much fun to make, a whirlwind two day shoot full of lots of child extras, fake blood, multiple locations and a fantastic crew. In a way the film is a metaphor for our film career thus far, it’s all about following your dreams, never giving up, full of failures and all ending in a big explosion of blood and gore!


jake the magnificent screen1 (1)_1024.jpg
jake the magnificent hat1 (1)_1024.jpg
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