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A Moral Man

'A right-to-die evangelist must confront their morality as a routine visit is thrown off course by a shocking revelation'


Toby Jones - Philip

Claudie Blakely - Helen

‘A Moral Man’ is a compelling and honest character driven drama which explores the significance of a single decision and how it can change the course of someone’s life. It's about the truths we tell ourselves to silence our delusions and the dangers of blind faith. 

The film was a few years in the making for us and, after some Covid stop starts, we were thrilled to be able to cast the amazing Toby Jones and Claudie Blakley as the two lead roles and work with a wonderful crew to get the film made. 

We are interested in the fallibility of people and the nuance and complexity of big issues. We are tired of the simplified, black and white messaging that we see all around us and we wanted to present the moral dilemma at the heart of this film honestly, compassionately and without judgement so that our audience identifies with our characters, and is inspired to discuss and argue the issue long after the credits have rolled.

‘A Moral Man’ is currently doing the festival circuit now.

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