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Huntington Gardens // Sky Arts/Art 50


‘Huntington Gardens is a short comedy that centres around three families; the Morris', Rogers' and Amin's, living on the same suburban street and their daily war over who gets the best parking spaces.’

Kacey Ainsworth - Mrs Rogers

Paul Putner - Mr Rogers

Amerjit Deu - Mr Amin

Kelly Adams - Mrs Morris


The film was commissioned by Sky Arts as part of Art 50, a scheme which encouraged artists to produce work that reflected their views on Britain post-Brexit. Like most people in the country we were left very confused and frustrated by the whole Brexit Saga, both from the government’s response and the public reaction -  however we wanted to try and find some humour hidden amongst the absurd mess.

Unlike Brexit however, we didn't want to alienate anyone in the country, we wanted to tell the story of division and anger in a way that related to everyone and and we felt that ‘Huntington Gardens’ and its inhabitants would act as a perfect microcosm of Post-Brexit Britain, because what could be more British than getting angry about parking spaces?

The film was screened on Sky Arts and is available on demand now. 

'Overall, Huntington Gardens is a comedic gem. Short and sweet, it knows exactly what it wants to do and it tells its short, silly story to near perfection.' ✩✩✩✩✩ UK Film Review

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